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This website is a work in progress. By no means is it intended to be the final word on this topic. Rather, I pray that it will be used by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), to encourage the reader to carefully contemplate and prayerfully study the word of Abba for themselves, being lead into the truth by the Spirit of Yahveh. Constructive criticism, comments and suggestions based on such study will be gratefully received and considered. May the end result be a fuller understanding of YHVH our Abba and His wonderful Word, in which He reveals Himself to those who love Him, diligently seek Him, and keep His commandments! (John 14:15,21).

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I give you my all..Ray McDonald

There are over 600 teachings listed below. Many of the following teachings, in alphabetical order, are excerpts from my various books. Please forgive me for my bad spelling and punctuation errors. I don't claim to be, nor am I a good writer.



*Lacrima jar (Luke 7:37-39)


*Lake of Fire..Heavens..Hades..NJ..Sheol..What happens when you die?

Lamb of God analogy..Sheep's blood is an antidote for snakebite

Land of milk and honey.. Exod. 3:8

*Last Great Day Feast


*Last supper...Foot washing (John 13:1-20)


Law (four types) Instructions..See Law Pt 1-6


Lawlessness is Sin!!!


*Law/Instructions, Four types of law, Torah Dictated, Ten Commandments, Pt 1 of 6


*Law/Instructions, Four Types of Law, What is Sin?, What is love?, Pt 2 of 6


*Law/Instructions, Royal Law, Love & Covenant relationship, Armor of Yah, Believe it or not?, Sabbath, Lord's Day, Lunar Sabbath, Vain, Pt 3 of 6


*Law/Instructions, Sabbath, Holy Days, Shemittah, Number seven, Sacrificial system, Civil & Criminal Codes, Lifestyle & Worship, Den of Robbers, Pt 4 of 6


*Law/Instructions, Tithing, Offerings, Stealing from Yah, Spiritual covering, Tenakh, Oral Law, Legalism, Works, Dictionary for the Re-Newed Testament Pt 5 of 6


*Law/Instructions, The Church & Law, The King, Government Laws, Noahide Laws, Sins of ignorance, Kings torah, Freedom in the law, Law & Salvation, Righteousness of the law, Law of Liberty, Yeshua's last will & Testament, Gentiles, Foreigners, Sign of Re-Newed Testament, Pt 6 of 6 




*Leah and the mandrakes..Gen. 30:14-16 misunderstood


*Lending money to the poor (Deut. 15:7-8)


Lent, it's pagan origin..(Ezek. 8:14)


*Lesbians, Queers, Homosexuals..Jezebel spirits..(see Homosexuals)


*"Let the dead bury the dead".."Follow Me" (Matt. 8:21-22, Luke 9:57-62)


Lev. 3:17 You shall not eat the fat


Lev. 9:24 Fire consumed the offering..tongues of fire


Lev. 11:42 The Heart of the torah


*Lev. 11:1-47 Food

Lev. 15:19 Women not allowed in the Temple during menstruation


*Lev. 19:19 (Deut. 22:11) Mixing things (cloth/livestock/seeds) See Mixing things 


*Lev. 19:27..Vanity..Pride..Tattoo's..Jewelry..(See Vanity Pt. 1, & 2)

*Lev. 25:1-7 Shemittah year


Lev. 25:8-10 Jubilee year celebrated


*Liquid Satan..chemotherapy


Livings stones (1Pet. 2:4-8)




Love..What is it? Yah's love..Worldly love


Luke 2:7, 12 Swaddling clothes


Luke 2:25-32 Has Torahs of consolation


Luke 4:1-2 Yeshua tempted 40 days in the wilderness


Luke 4:16-21 Yeshua in the Moses seat


Luke 4:18 Release to the captives..Isa. 61:1


Luke 4:28-30 Throw Him down a cliff


*Luke 5:27-39 Parable of the wineskins


Luke 6:30 Give to everyone who asks


*Luke 7:37-39 The lacrima jar


Luke 8:33 Demons put into the swine


*Luke 9:57-62.."Let the dead bury the dead".."Follow Me".(Matt. 8:21-22)


Luke 10:1 Yeshua appointed 70 elders


Luke 10:19 Power over the enemy


Luke 11:52 The key of knowledge is the name


Luke 14:26-27 Hate the life of those not following the word


*Luke 16:18.."Makes a woman commit adultery"..see Matt. 5:31-32


*Luke 19:1-10 (Matt. 24:32)  Zaccheus and the fig tree


*Luke 19:36-40 The stones will cry out


*Luke 20:20-26 The Denarius


Luke 22:31-34..56-62..The rooster crowing


Luke 23:43 Coma's serious punctuation error


Lunar Sabbath


*Magdalene laundries of the Roman Catholic church


*Magen David..Star of David..Pomegranate




Mark of the Beast...666..Pt 1 of 4..(Bible prophesy..Yah's sign and seal)


Mark of the Beast...666..Pt 2 of 4..(Spiritual & Economic side..Strive & Seek)

Mark of the Beast...666..Pt 3 of 4..(Project Tessera..Digital angel..Project Lucid)


Mark of the Beast...666..Pt 4 of 4..(In the name of security..3 Aspects of the Mark)


Martial arts


Martin Luthers 95 theses


Mark 1:40-45 Yeshua healing a leper


*Mark 4:3-9 Parable of the sower


Mark 7:5-9 But in vain they worship me


Mark 7:18-19 Whatever goes into a man from the outside


*Mark 9:46-47 Hell..Gehenna


Mark 10:46-52 Blind Bartimaeus


Mark 14:47 see John 18:10 Peter cuts off an ear


Mark 14:51-52 John the Apostle was the young man


*Marriage..Yah's Theocracy..Marriage is cyclical




*Masons..Jesuits..KOC..PK.. and other Secret Societies , See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3


*Masons...King James..Black Masons..Secret societies, See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3


*Masons..Opus Dei..Bohemian Grove..Bilderberger's..See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3.


Matt. 1:1-17 Fourteen generations of Yeshua


*Matt. 4:18-19 Fishers of men..Jer. 16:14-18

Matt. 5:13 Salt of the earth


Matt. 5:17-20 Reverent Least's..Fulfill.."Do not think"..Sermon on the mount


Matt. 5:31-32 "Makes a woman commit adultery"


Matt. 5:33-37 You shall not make false oaths


Matt. 6:7 Meaningless repetition


Matt. 6:19-24 Break in or steal...eye


Matt. 7:1-6.. Do not judge


Matt. 7:21-23 Depart from Me you lawless ones


*Matt. 8:21-22..Luke 9:57-62.."Let the dead bury the dead".."Follow Me"


*Matt. 8:28-34.. Gadarene Demoniac..Satan divided


*Matt. 12:40 The Sign of Jonah..Why can't christians count to three?


*Matt. 14:25-29 Yeshua walks on water.."Yoke" and "Come"

*Matt. 16:16-19 Peter the rock, Gates of Hades, Keys to the Kingdom


*Matt. 17:14-21 The mustard seed parable


Matt. 18:18-20 Binding and loosing


*Matt. 19:24 The eye of the needle


Matt. 21:12-13 Den of robbers


Matt. 21:18-19..Yeshua curses the fig tree


*Matt. 21:32-43 Parable of the vineyard


*Matt. 22:1-14 Parable of the wedding feast


Matt. 22:21 Denarius.. see Luke 20:20-26


Matt. 24:20 "Pray that you don't have to escape in winter".

*Matt. 24:15-25..Abomination of desolation"  

*Matt. 23:8-10 Call no man Rabbi or Father


*Matt. 24:32-34..Luke 19:1-10..13:6-9..Parable of the fig tree prophetic connection


*Matt. 25:1-13 Parable of the ten virgins


Matt. 25:31-33 Yeshua separating the sheep from the goats


Matt. 26:6-7 Simon the leper error


*Matt. 27:46..Ps. 22:1-3.."My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me"?


Matt. 27:50-53..Luke 19:36-40..The stones will cry out..East gate


Maturity in the word


Melchizedek's line of the Priesthood


Menorah seven branch


Menorah nine branch


Messianic..Hebrew Roots problem


*Messiah's four required miracles




Midrash...Drash..(See four levels of Torah study)

Millennial Reign


*Mishnah..Oral Torah..Talmud..


*Mixing things..(Food, seeds, cloth, animals, GMF)..Signature Frequency Value


Mixing of spirits..counterfeit


Models of lifestyle and worship included in the law


*Moon Phases..Rosh Hodesh


Moses computer problems


Moses seat (Luke 4:16-21)


Moses statue with horns at St. Peters Basilica


*Moses strikes the rock..bronze serpent..Caldwell's find..Num. 21:4-9

Mothers Day, another pagan celebration 


*MPD/DID (Multiple personality..dissociative identity disorder) PTSD..Anxiety Disorders, Overview..Commonly mis-Diagnosed..Origin..Triggering mechanisms..Alters..Physical Manifestations..Effects on Society.. Pt. 1 of 2.


*MPD/DID(Multiple Personality..Dissociative identity disorder)..How to recognize it..Communication withy alters..SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)..Integration..Pt. 2 of 2


Mustard seed parable (Matt. 17:14-21)

Name..What is His name??


Neh. 10:31 Don't buy from those who disobey sabbath

Neh. 13:13..Who delivers the tithes?


Nehemiah's Temple


*Nephilim..Sons of God..Giants


Never again


*New Temple Built??..Abomination of Desolation 


*New Jerusalem..Heavens..Sheol..Hades..What happens when you die?


New King James version..the devil's touch


*New testament/Covenants of Yahveh (6) (See Covenants of Yahveh Pt. 1 & 2)

New Testament (Re-newed) what language was it written in?


*New Years/Christmas (Their pagan origins)


Noah's Ark...Noah as a type of Yeshua


Noahide Laws


*Numbers..Gematria..their importance


Num. 5:11-28 Adultery test, cup of bitterness, curse connection


*Num. 6:24-26 Aaronic blessing


Num. 10:35-36 Yeshua resurrected..nun drawn forward


Num. 17:8 Aaron's staff budding


Num. 19:11-22 Touching the corpse of a dead person


*Num. 20:8-12 Moses gets water from a rock..Bronze serpent..Caldwell's find

Num. 21:4-9 Moses bronze serpent on a staff


Num. 24:17 Yeshua is the star of Jacob


Num. 31:1-7 A thousand men from each tribe


*Num. 30:1-15..Vows, promises


*Nuns..Roman Catholic..Sister Charlottes Testimony


*Obelisks..phallic steeples..Washington Monument

*Occult origin of three person trinity


Old and Re-newed Testaments correct chronological order

"Once saved always saved" lie

*Opioids...Wormwood..Fentanyl..Cup of bitterness..Gall..Grapes of poison


Opus Dei..(See Secret Societies Pt 1-3 )

*Oral torah..(See Mishnah)


Order of the line of Melchizedek


Origin of Yahveh (God) (See Creation verses Evolution Pt. 1 of 2)


*Origin of the name "Vatican"


P'shat..(See the four levels of Torah study)

*Pagan Greek.. Roman.. Egyptian..Latin gods


Pagan Roman Catholic symbols




PG 13


*Parable of Zaccheus and the fig tree..Luke 19:1-10..Matt. 24:32-34


*Parable of the mustard seed (Matt. 17:14-20)


*Parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-9)


*Parable of the ten virgins (Matt. 25:1-13)


*Parable of the wedding supper..Matt. 22:1-14


*Parable of the wineskins (Luke 5:27-39)


*Parable of the vineyard..Matt. 21:32-43


Paradox of our time


*Parasha..Halftorah listings


*Passover..Pt 1 of 3 (Threshold covenant, thematic connections, Day of the Lord, We are the doorpost, Feast of love/redemption, Myths; surrounding Passover, Feast of Love?, The Sign of Jonah)


*Passover..Pt 2 of 3 (The curse of the fig tree, Foot Washing, Last Supper/Communion, Mt. Sinai ketubah, Yeshua celebrating with His Talmidim, body and blood, Messiah the Passover Lamb and High Priest, Disqualification of the High priest, Yeshua crowned King of the Jews)


*Passover..Pt 3 of 3 (Joseph, Abraham, types of Yeshua, how the lambs were slaughtered, lie of the cross, Acronym, "it is finished" afikomen, order of Calvary, thematic connections, Cheirographon, blood of the lamb/antidote, Messianic fulfillment, Progression of the blood, Messiah our Unleavened Bread, our First Fruits, Counting the Omer, Yeshua our High Priest, Conclusion of the Spring Feasts)


Passover Seder 


Paul's (Sha'ul's) writings..His straw-man approach


Pax Christus Roman Catholic Symbol


Peace symbol..Roman Catholic temporal power


*Penis worship...obelisks..Washington Monument..(See Obelisks)


*Pentecost..Feast of Shavuot..Weeks


*Peter the rock Matt. 16:16-19..Gates of Hades..Keys to the Kingdom


*Peter's vision of unclean food (Acts 11:5-11)


*Phallic symbols..Church Steeples.. Obelisks..Washington Monument

Pituitary gland.. adrenaline..What fear does to people


Placebo effect


Plagues of Egypt..Ten..see Ten Plagues


Pocket..Miniature idols..Golden Calf Exod. 32:4-5


*Pomegranate bells on the garment of the High Priest 


*Pool at Bethesda (John 5:1-9)


*Pope kissing the ground


Popes..of the Roman Catholic church


*Pork..Pig..Unclean garbage


Praise and worship music...hypnotism


Prayer or rebuke?


*Prayer Shawl/Tallit/Tzitzit




*Pride..Vanity..Identification..Tattoo's..Long hair..Beards..Jewelry..Part 1 of 2


*Pride..Vanity..Identification..Tattoo's..Long hair..Beards..Jewelry..Part 2 of 2


*Prophets, true prophets, false prophets in the churches 


Project Mosaic..Tessera..Lucid..Digital angel..(See Mark of the beast)


*Promises..Vows (Num. 30:1-15)


Proper name of God ..Yahveh/Yahweh..(YHVH/YHWH)


Prov. 3:5-8 Health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones


Prov. 13:24 He who spares his rod, hates his son

*Prov. 28:9 Prayers of the lawless are an abomination


*Ps. 22:1-3 Matt. 27:46 "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"


Prov. 22:28 Do not remove a boundary marker


Ps. 33:6 see "Hebrew, the building blocks of the Universe"




*PTSD (see MPD/DID Pt 1-2)

Purgatory..Roman catholic style


*Purim Feast


Pyramids..Sphinx..who made them?

Rabbi Akiva


*Rabbi, call no man Rabbi..Matt. 23:8-10


Rebuke, or prayer?

Red Heifer sacrifice and it's connection to Yeshua


Remez..(See four levels of Torah study)


Renewed Testament, what language was it written in?




Replacement theology..What is the church?


Resisting the reproof of life


*Revelation Book in its proper order & corrected

*Rev. 11:3..Two witnesses


*Rev. 17:5 & 18:4..The Daughters of the Roman Whore..Flee Babylon!

*Reverent Least's..fulfill (Matt. 5:17-20) 


*Rev. 13:17-18..Mark of the Beast..(See Mark of the Beast Pt. 1-4)


*Rom. 6:23 (wages of sin) "traffic light"


Roman miracle..transubstantiation


*Roman Catholic All Saints Day, St. John's Day..Halloween


Roman Catholic Black Pope


Roman Catholic Atrocities..Crusades..Inquisitions..Hitler Connection

See Anti-Semitism Pt 1 of 2


*Roman Catholic Atrocities..Hitler Connection..Masada..Women raped by priests. Pt. 2 of 2


Roman Catholic celibacy


*Roman Catholic castrati singers..believe it or not?


Roman Catholic Confessionals


Roman Catholic Dagon god..Fish symbol


Roman Catholic Daughters of the whore..(See Rev. 17:5 & 18:4)


*Roman Catholic infant baptism


Roman Catholics Islam Religion..(See Islam Pt. 1 & 2)


*Roman Catholic Jesuits (See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3)

Roman Catholic Knights of Columbus Secret Society, (Also See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3)


*Roman Catholic Magdalene laundries


*Roman Catholic Mass..Eucharist..(Communion)

Roman Miracle??


Roman Catholic Moses With Horns,,Believe it or not


*Roman Catholic Nuns..Sister Charlottes Testimony


Roman Catholic Oaths (See Secret Societies Pt. 1-3)

Roman Catholic Pagan symbols


Roman Catholic Pax Christus symbol


Roman Catholic Popes..Fathers


*Roman Catholic Pope kissing the ground


Roman Catholic Purgatory


Roman Catholic Rosary


Roman Catholic Saints/Halo/Babylonian Solar Wheel


Roman Catholic..St. Peter's chair in the Vatican


Roman Catholic salvation..according to them


*Roman Catholic Sexual perversity..Priests..Law Suits


Roman Catholic statues


Roman Catholic Tonsures


Roman Catholic Transubstantiation..Eucharist..Communion

Roman Catholic Virgin Mary


Rooster crowing translation error (Luke 22:31-34, Matt. 26:34, Mark 14:30, John 13:38)


*Rosh Hodesh (New Moon Phases)


*Rosary of the Roman Catholics

*Sabbath..The true sabbath believe it or not


Sabbath day's journey..Pharisees..Hypocrites


Sabbath..Law (four types)..Instructions..Commandments..(See Law Pt 1-6)

Sackcloth and ashes


Sages..Torah teachers


Salt covenant..Poor man's offering


*Salvation...Born Again (in detail) (See Born Again Pt. 1 & 2)


Salvation.."once saved always save" lie

Salvation according to the Roman Catholic Church


Salvation as seen in the Feasts of Yah




*Satan divided..Gaderene Demoniac..Matt. 8:28-34 


Satanism Pt. 1 of 2..Holy Days..Calendar..Black Mass..Walpurgisnacht..Astral-Projection..Magic..3 Types of rituals..Devices used..Baphomet..Pushpins..Inserts


Satanism Pt. 2 of 2..Watchers..Initiation..Slain in the spirit..Wer Beasts..Meetings..Breeders..Sacrifices..Symbols..Did you know? 


*Science..Imperial..Empirical..Evolution..Creation ..Words..Time..(See Creation Pt. 1&2)


Scripture", what does the word mean?.."All scripture is inspired" 2Tim. 3:15-16


*Scrolls..How are they made..Bible


*Secret Societies Pt 1 of 3..Roman Catholic Jesuits are in control..Jesuit oaths..Black Pope..KKK..Illuminati


*Secret Societies..Pt 2 of 3..Masons..Oaths of Masons, Knights Templar, King James, Teutonic Knights, Black Masons 

*Secret Societies.. Pt 3 of 3..Opus Dei..Bohemian Grove..Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones (The Order, Chapter 322), Trilateral Com.,KOC, CFR, Sons of Liberty, Knights of Golden Circle, Odd Fellows, NWO, Bilderbergers, Royal Garter, Rockefeller's, WCPA, Georgia Guidestones, Club of Rome.


Seder meal example (See also Passover Pt 4)

Selfless love


*Sermon on the mount..Fulfill..Matt. 5:17-20


*Serpent on pole..Moses strikes rock..Caldwells' find Num. 20:8-12


*Sexual Perverse Jezebel Spirit..Harlotry..Homosexuals..Lesbians..Queers, Dikes


*Shalom..Destroyer, who is the destroyer..El Shaddai..Fire


*Shema (Deut. 6:4) Essence of Yahveh and Yeshua..Godhead


Shavuot..Feast ..Pentecost..Weeks


*Sheep antivenom (good verses evil) analogy Lamb of God 


Shemittah Year..Lev. 25:1-7


*Sheol..Hades..Heavens..New Jerusalem..What happens when you die?




Sickness..Why do we get sick?


*Sign of Jonah..Why can't christians count to 3?.. (Matt. 12:38-41)


*Signature frequency values..Mixing things..(Food, Cloth, Animals, GMF)

Simon the leper (Matt. 26:6-7)


Simchat Torah


*Sin is lawlessness!!!!


Sinless egg of the Holy Spirit..Yeshua's birth


*Sister Charlottes Testimony (Roman Catholic Nun) Vestal Virgins


Six types of baptism


"Slain in the spirit" the demonic phenomena




Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed Gen. 19:24-25


Sod..(See four levels of Torah study)

Solomon's Temple secrets


*Sons of God..Giants..Nephilim


Soul, our soul, what is it?


Soul power (the latent power of the soul)


Speaking in tongues 

Speaking in false (counterfeit) tongues..Testing the spirit..

Spiritual Warfare


Spirit, what is it?


Spontaneous Human Combustion


St. Peters chair in the Basilica


*Star of David..Magen David..Pomegranate




Steeples (Church)..Washington Monument..Obelisks.. Phallic symbols


*Stones will cry out..East gate..Luke 19:36-40, Matt. 27:50-53




Stubbornness..The Battleship


Sukkot Feast..(See Feast of Tabernacles Pt. 1& 2)




*Synagogue of the Rabbi's feet..Matt. 14:25-29 


Synoptic Gospels,..Gospels, what are they?

*Tabernacle in the wilderness/Temple..Compared to man..Symbolism..Structure coverings..Fence..Courtyard..Entrance gate..Brazen altar..Passover sacrifices.. Pt. 1 of 3


*Tabernacle in the wilderness/Temple..Brazen altar..Holy place..Golden Menorah..Table of shewbread..Altar of incense..Holy of Holies..4 colors of the Temple veil..Leprosy connection..Pt. 2 of 3

*Tabernacle in the wilderness/Temple..Towla worm..Colors of the veil..Ark of Covenant..Thief in the night..Priests..Salt in the Temple..Torah Fence..Construction of Tabernacle..Summary..Pt. 3 of 3


*Tabernacles Feast..Sukkot..Booths..(See Feast of Atonement Pt. 1 & 2)


Taking His name in vain in the christian churches..Exod. 20:7


"Talk is cheap"


*Tallit/Tzitzit/Prayer Shawl


*Talmud..(See Mishnah)..Oral Torah..


*Tattoo's..Vanity..Pride..Lev.19:27..Jewelry..Earrings..Identification..Pt. 1 of 2


*Tattoo's..Vanity..Pride..Lev.19:27..Jewelry..Earrings..Identification..Pt. 2 of 2


Tefillin..shel rosh


*Temple Built..New One..Abomination of Desolation (See New Temple)


*Temple..(See Tabernacle in the wilderness, Pt 1-3)


*Temple veil


Temple Treasures


Ten Commandments.. (four types)..Sabbath..Instructions...(See Law  Pt 1-6)


Ten Plagues of Egypt




Testing Spirits..False Prophets/Healers..False Tongues..Astral-Projection..Animal Spirits..Mixing Spirits 


*Testimony of a High Priestess who was delivered 


Thematic Connections introduction


*Thematic Connections..Yeshua in the Torah and Tenakh..(See Types of Yeshua Pt 1-6)

The force be with you


The rock




The word "fulfill"..(see Matt.5:17-20)


"Thief in the night" Hebrew Idiom 


*Third Temple..Abomination of Desolation..2Ths. 2:4 (See New Temple)


"Thought that counts" lie from Hell


Threshold covenant


*Thumbs and Toes cut off Kings..Jgs. 1:6-7



*The missing time..Josh. 10:12-14


*Time..Creation..Evolution..Science..(See Creation Pt 1-2)


Tithes and offerings


Toast to the bride and groom


*Tongues, real..(See Speaking in tongues)

*Tongues, counterfeit..(See Speaking in false tongues)




Torah dictated


*Torah water and blood analogy


*Torah's four levels of understanding (P'shat, Remez, Drash, Sod)


*Torah readings..Parashah's




Torah, the seed in the garden


Torah water..seed


*Traffic light..Rom. 6:23 "Wages of sin" 


*Trinity..Tri-part Godhead..(See Godhead/Essence of Yahveh and Yeshua)

*Trinity..The occult origin of the three person trinity



*Trumpets..Feast.. (See Feast of Trumpets Pt. 1 & 2)

Truth, the word, what does it really mean?

Two seeds..Anti-Messiah


*Two witnesses of Revelation 11:3


Two fingered Nazi salute..Peace symbol














*Tzitzit/Prayer Shawl/Tallit


"U" (You) in Yeshua


Unequally yoked


Unicorn, KJV translation error??


Units of measure and colors used in prophesy..hours..days..etc  


*Universe, the building blocks are Hebrew words


Urim and Thummim


US flag


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