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This website is a work in progress. By no means is it intended to be the final word on this topic. Rather, I pray that it will be used by the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), to encourage the reader to carefully contemplate and prayerfully study the word of Abba for themselves, being lead into the truth by the Spirit of Yahveh. Constructive criticism, comments and suggestions based on such study will be gratefully received and considered. May the end result be a fuller understanding of YHVH our Abba and His wonderful Word, in which He reveals Himself to those who love Him, diligently seek Him, and keep His commandments! (John 14:15,21).

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I give you my all...Ray McDonald


There are over 600 teachings listed below. Many of the following teachings, in alphabetical order, are excerpts from my various books. Please forgive me for my bad spelling and punctuation errors. I don't claim to be, nor am I a good writer.

13 Principles of Judaism


16 Prophecies of Israel

40 The significance of the number​​

95 Theses

*153 Fish ...John 21:6-11

324 Prophesies pointing to Yeshua in the Old Testament

1Cor. 1:12-15 Baptized in the name of your Rabbi

*1Cor. 2:1-5 Wisdom of men verses Yah's spirit


1Cor. 2:9-16 The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard


1Cor. 2:15 We must appraise..judge all things


1Cor. 3:1-2 Eat steak, don't just drink milk


1Cor. 6:3 "you shall judge Angel's" translation error

1Cor. 8:7-13 Don't become a stumbling block

1Cor. 9:24-29 The hippodrome in Caesarea


1Cor. 10:11 Things were written for an example


1Cor. 10:20-21 You can't drink from both good and evil cups


1Cor. 10:25-28 Meat sacrificed to idols


1Cor. 11:4-10 Men and women's clothing


1Cor. 11:30 Many are weak and sick, spiritually asleep

1Cor. 11:31 Be judged rightly by the word


1Cor. 11:34 Don't be glutenous during communion


1Cor. 13:8 Has knowledge been done away with?


*1Cor. 14:34-35 Women be silent during fellowship..Prophets..Teachers 

1Cor. 15:29 Being baptized for the dead


1John 2:4 The lawless (Christians) are liars


1John 2:18-19 Many anti-christ's are among us

*1John 3:4..Sin is lawlessness


1John 5:3 His commandments are not burdensome


1Kgs. 17:4 Raven's


*1Kgs. 18:20-40 Baal, the god of fire


1Pet. 1:15-16 To be holy you must be set-apart, holy


1Pet. 2:4-8 Living Stones

*1Pet. 3:3-4 Men's & women's clothing..Vanity..Pride..Identification..(See Vanity..Pt. 1 & 2, or Identification)

1Pet. 5:13 Peter called Rome Babylon


1Sam. 15:23, 27 Rebellion is as witchcraft


1Sam. 17:31-51 King David was not a child


1Ths. 5:2 Like a thief in the night Hebrew idiom


1Ths. 5:17 Pray without ceasing


1Tim. 2:12 Women not to exercise authority over men


1Tim. 4:1 They follow lying spirits


1Tim. 4:3-5 Abstaining from food, forbidding marriage


2Cor. 3:7-8 Why was Moses face so shiny?


2Cor. 12:2-6 Paul talking about himself


2Cor. 12:7 Paul's thorn in the side


2Kgs. 6:5-7 Miracle of the axe floating


2Pet. 2:22 Only a dog returns to its vomit


2Pet. 3:8 A day is as a thousand years


2Sam. 24:2, 15 From Dan to Beersheba


*2Ths. 2:4..New Third/Temple..Abomination of Desolation


2Ths. 2:11-12 Yah will send them a deluding influence


2Tim. 3:16-17 What does "scripture" mean?.. All scripture is inspired

Aaronic Blessing/Benediction (Num. 6:24-26)


A toast to the bride and groom


*Abomination of Desolation..Will a New Temple Be Built?

*Abomination..Prayers of the lawless are an abomination..Prov. 28:9

*Abomination of desolation..Matt. 24:15-25 

*Abraham's Bosom..Hades..Sheol..New Jerusalem..Heavens..Lake of Fire..

(What happens when you die?)


*Abram/Abraham and Sarai/Sarah..the "H"


Acts 1:18-20 Judas hung himself


*Acts 2:1 The beginning of the church era


Acts 2:2-3 Tongues of fire


Acts 2:4 They were all filled with the Holy Spirit


Acts 2:17-21 I will pour out My Spirit in the last days


Acts 2:41 3000 lost, 3000 found


Acts 7:2-60 Stephen is stoned to death


Acts 8:38-40 The Spirit snatched Peter away

*Acts 11:5-11 Peter's vision of unclean food


Acts 11:26 First called Christians?


Acts 12:4 "Easter"..terrible translation error of the KJV


Acts 14:11-13 The gods have become like men


*Acts 17:24..Church..House of prayer


Acts 18:14-15 About words and names


Acts 19:6 Laying hands on people for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit


Acts 20:7 First day of the week they gathered


Acts 21:25 Abstain from eating blood


*Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden 


Adrenaline..Pituitary gland


Adultery test.. Num. 5:11-28

*Afikomen.."It is finished", John 19:30


*America, Babylon the Great..666..Destruction of Babylon..Statue of Liberty


American flag


*American Seal/Dollar..God of America..Pt. 1 of 2


*American Seal/Dollar.. Pt. 2 of 2..Sun god coins..American flag..Masonic design of Washington DC..Masonic Temple in DC..Capital Hill..Fascism..Pentagon..Washington monument Obelisk (Erect penis)


Amen the "hidden god" many people pray to




*Alters (MPD/DID/PTSD) anxiety disorders..(See MPD)


Anointing oil


Anti-semitism in the proclaimed christian church


*Anti-Semitism..Atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church..Crusades..Pogroms..Hitler Connection..Inquisitions..Pt. 1 of 2


*Anti-Semitism..Atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church..Crusades..Pogroms..Hitler Connection..Inquisitions..Masada..Women being raped by priests..Pt. 2 of 2

Anti-Messiah two seeds


*Antivenom..Sheep's blood (Lamb of God) is antidote analogy 


*Anxiety disorders (MPD/DID/PTSD)..See MPD


Aristotle's Spider


*Armor of Yahveh/Elohim (God)..Eph. 6:11-19


Astral projection..Astral-sex


*Atonement Feast..Yom Kippur..The Day..Historic Relevance..What Occurred?..Fasting..Four Miracles..Al Chet Prayer..The Veil..Pt. 1 of 2


*Atonement Feast..Yom Kippur..Messianic fulfillment..Birth of Yeshua..John's and Daniel's connection..Swaddling clothes..Astronomy..Constellations..Abomination..Prophetic side..Pt. 2 of 2

*Baal, The god of Fire..1Kgs. 18:20-40..Elijah & Yehu


*Babylon the Great, America..666..Destruction of Babylon..Statue of Liberty


Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh)..Seven spirits, attributes of the Ruach..Nine gifts of the Ruach..Speaking in tongues Pt. 1 of 5


Baptism of the Holy Spirit..Speaking/Praying in tongues Communication with the Ruach..Power & authority..Pt. 2 of 5


Baptism of the Holy Spirit..Set-apart born again person's goal..Yah's garden..Torah analogy..Ask yourself these questions..Pt. 3 of 5


Baptism of the Holy Spirit..Laying on hands..Manifestations of the Ruach..Peril of the Ruach..Pt. 4 of 5


Baptism of the Holy Spirit..How to receive the Baptism of the Ruach..Summary..Are you following Yeshua?..Pt. 5 of 5


Baptisms..(Mikveh) The six listed in our bible


Baptism of infants



Believe it or not? Castrati of the Roman Catholic Church


Believe it or not? Luther's catechism and the sabbath 


Believers ultimate goal 


Bethesda pool..John 5:1-9


Biblical lunar calendar..Rosh Hodesh..Jubilee Year


Binding and loosing..Gates of Hades..Peter the rock (Matt. 16:16-19)


Bible codes

*Bible in its correct chronological order

Bible scrolls , copying the scrolls


Bible inherent 


Biblical words..Frequency of..Tenakh..Word..Armor of Yah

*Birth of Messiah Yeshua (Daniel's connection)




Black Pope...Jesuits


Blessings..what are they?




Bohemian Grove..Bilderbergers..Masons..Jesuits, and other Secret Societies 

(See Secret Societies Part 1, 2 & 3)




Book of Hebrews, Did Paul write it? does it belong in the cannon of scripture?


Book of Revelation corrected and in its correct chronological order


*Born again..Salvation in detail..Salvation as seen in the feasts..Saved by the Jews..Follow Yeshua..Calvary..Salvation and Baptism..Pt. 1 of 2


*Born Again..Salvation in detail..Saved from what?..Salvation always in future tense..Salvation according to the Roman Catholic Whore..Resisting reproof..No peace for the wicked..Pt. 2 of 2


Born again Believers ultimate goal should be





British Israel Theology..(Jerusalem Hymn)

*Bronze serpent on pole..Moses strikes rock..Caldwells' find

*Building blocks of the Universe and everything in it "ET"..

*Cabala..Caballah..Kabala..Kaballah.. (Witchcraft/Mysticism)




*Calvary..Israels Divorce..Get


*Calvary..Pt. 1 of 2..Trials..Crucifixion..Golgotha..What Yeshua did for us?


*Calvary..Pt. 2 of 2..Salvation..Who really killed Yeshua?..Resurrection


Canadian Parliament/Government Masonic Connection..Occult..Gargoyles


Camels and the well..Isaac's wife (Gen. 24:10-20)


Can Believers have demons?


Can salvation be lost?


Can we trust scripture?




Casting lots, what is it?


*Castrati..Singers in the RCC..Believe it or not?


*Celibacy of Roman Catholic Priests..Sexual perversity


*Charismatic witches in the churches..Witchcraft


*Chemotherapy...Liquid Satan

*Church era, the beginning??


*Church..Acts 17:24..House of Prayer


Church (exactly what is it?)..Replacement theology


*Church steeples..obelisks...phallic symbols..Washington Monument


*Christians can't count to 3???


Christianity's false prophets, teachers and preachers


Christianity's anti-semitism


*Christmas/New Years (Their pagan origins)




*Clothing 1Pet. 3:3-4 men's and women's (See Vanity Pt. 1-2)


*Colors and units of measure used in


Col. 2:13-15 Yeshua cancelled the debt..cheirographon


Col. 2:16-17 Sabbath..Sabbath's translation error


"Come out of her My people","Daughters of the whore"..(see Rev. 17:5 & 18:4)

*Communion..Eucharist..Mass..Seder Supper


Confessionals of the Roman Catholic church


Correct chronological order of the Old and Re-Newed Testaments


Corruption (Meaning of the word)


Courtroom in Heaven


*Covenants of Yahveh/New Testament..What is a covenant?..Marriage..Jewish Wedding..Yeshua our covenant partner..Adamic..Noahaic..Abrahamic..Physical covenant being made..Pt. 1 of 2


*Covenants of Yahveh/New Testament/Covenant..Renewed..Re-Newed better than old..Pt. 2 of 2


*Creation verses the lies of Evolution & Science..Origin of God..Pt 1 of 2


Creation verses the lies of Evolution & Science..Spiritual Warfare Pt 2 of 2


Cross..Occult symbol..Easter/Ishtar..Isis..The Fertility Goddess


Crown of thorns on Yeshua's head


*Crusades..Inquisitions..Roman Catholic Atrocities..Hitler Connection..Anti-Semitism 

(see also Anti-Semitism Pt. 1 & 2)


*Cup of bitterness..Wormwood..Gall..Grapes of poison..Opioids..Fentanyl


Curses, the subject no one wants to hear or talk about ..what is a curse?, where do they come from, objects, money, pagan worship, symbols, holidays, places, occult?  Part 1 of 4


Curses, the subject no one wants to hear or talk about ..curses from sinful thoughts, wedding vows, infant baptism, as listedin Deut. 5 & Lev. 19:27, from the law, from not tithing, spiritual coverings? Part 2 of 4

Curses, the subject on one wants to hear or talk about..curses from Satan, generational curses, from vows, witches, sorcerers, ourselves, unintentional, soul ties, curses from Yahveh, occult practices, acupuncture, reiki, magnetic healing, iridology, martial arts, Yoga?  Pt 3 of 4

Curses, the subject no one wants to hear about or talk about..curses from New Age, magicians, magic/magik, curses causing spiritual illness, pituitary & adrenaline glands, from unclean food, (earths vacuum cleaners), unclean objects, causing phyical illness, leprosy, how to identify a curse?, curse removal procedure for Believers, REPENTANCE?  Pt 4 of 4


Dagon god hat..Fish god of the Roman Catholic Church


Daniel's connection to the birth of Yeshua


*Daniel's vision of the four beasts Dan. 7..Pt 1 of 3


*Daniel's vision of the four beasts Dan. 7..Pt 2 of 3


*Daniel's vision of the four beasts Dan. 7..Pt 3 of 3


Daniel's vision, chapter 9


Daughters of the Roman Catholic Whore..Flee Babylon! (see Rev. 17:5 & 18:4)


Deck of cards


Deliverance and exorcism...the difference between them


*Demons, can Believers have them?


Demons, another subject no one wants to talk about


Den of robbers (Matt. 21:12-13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46, John 2:14-16)


*Denarius (Luke 20:20-26)


*Destroyer, who is El Shaddai..shalom..Fire


*Deut. 6:4 Essence of Yahveh and Yeshua..Godhead..Shema 


Deut. 15:7-8 lending money to the poor


Deut. 17:14-16 Kinsmen (Lev. 25:23-28, 39:43, Jer. 32:6, Ruth 4.)


Deut. 21:18-21 Remove the evil son from your midst


Deut. 22:6-7 The least of the commandments


*Deut. 22:11 (Lev. 19:19) See Mixing things (cloth/livestock/seeds)


*Deut. 26:12 Tithing to teachers, ministries and the poor


Deut. 32:31-33 (See Wormwood Gall, Grapes of poison, cup of bitterness)


*Devil's New King James version bible

*DID/MPD...(Dissociative identity/multiple personality disorder)..PTSD..Anxiety Disorders..See MPD


Difference between exorcism (witchcraft), and deliverance


Dinosaurs, what killed them?




Divorce of Israel (Get)..Calvary


*Do not judge ..Matt 7:1-6


*"DO NOT THINK" The motto of the christian church, Matt. 5:17-20, Fulfill, Sermon on mount


Drash..Midrash..(See four levels of Torah study)


*Dust of the Rabbis feet..Matt. 14:25-29 (See Synagogue education)

*Easter and the cross..(Ishtar eggs and rabbits)


*Eph. 6:11-19..Armor of Yahveh/Elohim (God)


Egg..Sinless egg of the Holy Spirit..Yeshua's birth


*El Shaddai..Shalom..Who is the destroyer?..Fire


English language mess..idioms..Hebrew play on words..


Enoch, the books we have available


Eph. 2:14-15 Oral commandments


Errors in the King James Bible


"ET", Hebrew, the building blocks of the Universe..Gen. 1:1


*Essence/Make-up of Yahveh and Yeshua, Shema Deut. 6:4


*Eucharist..Communion..Mass. Seder Supper


*Evolution..See Creation...Science..Time Pt 1-2 


Exod. 3:8 Land of milk and honey


Exod. 9:6 Pharaoh's livestock killed


Exod. 17:14-16 War against Amalek forever


Exod. 19:17-19 Smoke, Fire, Mt. Sinai,Tongues of fire (Acts 2:2-3)


Exod. 20:7..Taking His name in vain in the christian churches


Exod. 20:18 The people saw the sound of the trumpets/shofars


Exod. 21:24-25 Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth


Exod. 22:21 Strangers in another land..Muslim Immigration


Exod. 22:26-27 Neighbors cloak as a pledge


Exod. 32:4-5 Golden Calf..Miniature idols


Exod. 34:26b Kid in its mothers milk


Exod. 35:3 Don't kindle a fire on the sabbath


*Eye of the needle (Matt. 19:24)


Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth..Exod. 21:24-25


Exorcism and deliverance..the difference

Ezek. 8:14 Lent..Weeping for Tammuz


Ezek. 29:8-16 Prophesy of Egypt losing its power and authority forever


Ezekiel's wheel vision (Ezek. 1:3:11)


*False prophets/ True prophets/Teachers/Preachers


False and real speaking in tongues


Father earth


*Feast of Atonement..Yom Kippur..The Day..Historic Relevance..What occurred..Fasting..Four Miracles..Al Chet Prayer..The Veil..Pt. 1 of 2


*Feast of Atonement..Yom Kippur..Leprosy connection..Messianic Types..High Priest..Two Goats (Scapegoats)..Azazel..Messianic Fulfillment..Prophetic..Judgement..Pt. 2 of 2


*Feast of Dedication...Hanukkah


Feasts introduction Part 1 of 2 (Dress Rehearsal, Biblical, Hillel, Diaspora calendar,

Start of the day, week, month, Rosh Hodesh, new moon, moon phases)


Feasts Introduction Part 2 of 2 (Rosh Hodesh summary, Biblical New Year, Jubilee

Year, 7 steps to salvation seen in the Feasts)


*Feast of Passover..Pt 1 of 3 (Threshold covenant, thematic connections, Day of the Lord, We are the doorpost, Feast of love/redemption, Myths; surrounding Passover, Feast of Love?, The Sign of Jonah)


*Feast of Passover..Pt 2 of 3 (The curse of the fig tree, Foot washing, Last Supper, Communion, Mt. Sinai ketubah, Yeshua celebrating with His talmidim, The body & Blood, Messiah the Passover Lamb & High Priest, Disqualification of the High Priest, Yeshua crowned King of the Jews)


*Feast of Passover..Pt 3 of 3 (Joseph, Abraham, types of Yeshua, how the lambs were slaughtered, the lie of the cross, Acronym, "It Is Finished", afikomen, order of Calvary, Cheirographon, Blood of the lamb/antidote, Messianic fulfillment, Progression of the blood, Messiah our Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Counting the Omer, Yeshua our High Priest, Spring Feasts Conclusion)


*Feast of Passover Seder


*Feast of Pentecost/Shavuot/Weeks


*Feast of Purim


Feasts of Yah salvation connection


*Feast of Tabernacles..Sukkot..Booths..Historic Relevance..Simchat Torah..Sukkah..Pt 1 of 2


*Feast of Tabernacles..Messianic Fulfillment..Birth of Yeshua/Johns's connection..Daniel's connection..Swaddling clothes..Astronomy.. Constellations..Abomination..Prophetic..Pt. 2 of 2


Feast of Trumpets/Yom T'ruah..Teshuvah..Two Silver Trumpets..Tradition..Pt. 1 of 2


*Feast of Trumpets/Yom T'ruah..Themes..Jewish Wedding Customs..Trumpets & Last Supper Connection..Messianic Fulfillment..Rapture..Exodus..Pt. 2 of 2


Feast of the Last Great Day.. Water libation ceremony


Feminist movement, symbol at the Vatican


*Fentanyl..Grapes of poison..Opioid's..Wormwood (See Wormwood)


File room


*Fire..Destroyer..El Shaddai..Shalom


Fish symbol..Catholic Dagon god


Flee Babylon!..Daughters of the Roman Catholic Whore..(See Rev. 17:5 & 18:4)


*"Follow me".."Let the dead bury the dead"..(Matt. 8:21-22, Luke 9:57-62)


Food (clean and unclean)


*Foot washing...Last supper (John 13:1-20)


Force be with you??




Fornication, exactly what is it?


Forty, the significance of the number


*Four Beasts of Daniel's vision chapter 7 (See Daniel's Visions)


*Four levels of understanding torah..P"shat, Remez, Drash, & Sod) 

*Four colors of the Temple veil


*Four miracles required of the Messiah


*Four types of law..instructions..(See Law Pt 1-6) 

Freedom to captives..Moses seat..Luke 4:16-21


*Fulfill..Sermon on the mount..Matt. 5:17-20

*Gadarene (Gerezene) Demoniac..Matt. 8:24-28..Satan divided


*Gall..Wormwood..Grapes of poison..Opioids..Fentanyl..Cup of bitterness


Garden of Eden..Adam and Eve


*Gematria..Numbers..their importance

Gen. 1:2 Darkness was over the surface of the earth


Gen. 1:3, 14 Let there be light


Gen. 3:1-15 Tree in the middle of the garden


Gen. 3:15 Between your seed and her seed


Gen. 3:17 Because you listened to your wife


Gen. 4:1-8 Cain and Abel's sacrifice


Gen. 5:32 Noah spent a hundred years building the ark


Gen. 9:3 You can eat all animals?


Gen. 10:9-10 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD


Gen. 14:1-3, 19:30-38 Mystery of the 5 Kings and 5 Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah


*Gen. 19:24-25 Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed


Gen. 22:9-14 Abraham offers up Isaac


Gen. 24:10-20 The camels and the well


Gen. 25:21-26 Two nations struggling in the womb


Gen. 25:29-34 Esau sold his birthright to Jacob


Gen. 26:7-11 Why did Abraham and Isaac lie?


Gen. 27:40-41 Islamic terrorists


Gen. 28:10-12 Jacob's ladder


Gen. 29:1-3 The stone (Yeshua) in front of the well


Gen. 29:31-35 The mystery of the "Gospel of Leah"


*Gen. 30:14-16..Leah and the mandrakes


Gen. 33:1-2 Origin of the Two Houses of Israel


Gen. 33:4 "Kiss of death" Prophesy..Arafat and Peres


Gen. 35:4 Jewelry..tattoos..sculptured beards


Gen. 38:8-10 Wasted his seed on the ground


Gen. 46:32-34 Shepherds and Cattlemen

Generational curses


Georgia Guide-stones


Gentiles..3 types..Foreigner..Stranger..Alien


Get..Jewish divorce papers




Gifts of the Ruach (Holy Spirit)


*Giants...Sons of God..Nephilim


*GMF..Genetically modified foods..Mixing things


"God inhabits the praises of His people" lie


God's (Yah's) theocracy


*God of America..American Seal..See American Seal Pt. 1 & 2


*Godhead..Essence/Make-up of Yahveh and Yeshua..Shema..Deut. 6:4 


Golden calf...Miniature idols Exod. 32:4-5


Gospels..Synoptic Gospels, what are they?


*Governments, Kings, Leaders, Politicians


*Grace, love, law


*Grapes of poison...Wormwood..Gall..Opioids..Fentanyl..


*Greek..Roman..Latin pagan gods


*Hades..Sheol..Abraham's bosom..New Jerusalem..What happen's when you die?


*"H"..Breath of Ruach Hakodesh in Abraham & Sara




Halloween..Bonfires..All Saints day..St. John's day


Halloween Hell-house in some christian churches???


Halloween sacrifices in satanism


Hail Mary prayer...Rosary


*Hanukkah..Feast of Dedication


*Heavens..Lake of Fire..Hades..Sheol..NJ..What happens when you die?


Hebr. 4:12-13 Two edged sword


Hebr. 8:7-13 A new covenant?


Hebr. 10:24-26 Don't forsake the assembly of the people


Hebr. 11:1 Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for


Hebrew Blessings


Hebrew alphabet introduction


*Hebrew and Roman Calendars


*Hebrew words, "ET", the building blocks of the Universe..Gen. 1:1


*Hebrews (Messianic's), Paul didn't write it, should it be in the canon?


Hebrew Roots ..Messianic movement problem


Hebrew idioms


Hegelian Dialectic


Helpmate...Adam and Eve


*Hell, Gehenna as described in Mark 9:46-47..See Mark 9:46-47


*High Priests garments..pomegranate bells on the hem


Hippocratic oath


Hippodrome at Caesarea Paul talked about (1Cor. 9:24-27)


*HIS NAME..Proper names of God (Yahveh & Yeshua)


*Homosexuals..Sexual perverse..Jezebel spirits..Lesbians..Queers


Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge


Hosea 6:1-2 He will revive us on the third day


How to study the bible


How to study Torah..four levels of study


How Jews see Christians


*Husbands, Wives, Yah's theocracy

Hypnotism with music as seen in the churches

*Identification..Men's and Women's clothing (See also Vanity Pt.1-2) 


*Illumination of the Temple ceremony


*Infant baptism


Iniquity, what is it?


Inquisitions..Crusades..Hitler..other Roman Catholic atrocities (See also Anti-Semitism Pt 1-2)


If Yeshua Came To Your House (poem)


Illuminati..Masons..KOC..PK..CFR..other Secret Societies, see Secret Societies Pt 1-3


Illumination of the Temple ceremony..John 8:12


Immigration..Muslim..Exod. 22:21 Strangers in another land


In the eyes of the Father..Easter and the cross


Instructions..Law (four types) Commandments..Sabbath (See Four types of Law (pt 1-6)


Isa. 8:19 "Communion of Saint's" lie of the Roman Catholic Church..Apostles Creed


Isa. 11:6-9, 65:25 "The Lion shall lay down with the lamb" error


Isa. 14:8 Cedars of Lebanon christmas trees


Isa. 14:12-13 "Star of the morning"..Satan


Isa. 17:1 Prophesy come to life..Damascus Syria will be destroyed


Isa. 40:11 He will gather them in His bosom


Isa. 45:7 Creating calamity, creating evil


Isa. 53:1-2 Yeshua, a root out of parched ground..The Orthodox Jews will have no part


Isa. 61:1 Adonai has anointed me to be used to set the captives free


Isa. 64:6 Our righteousness is like filthy rags


*Ishtar/Isis..(Easter eggs and rabbits)..the cross

Islam Pt 1 of 2..Origin, Black Stone, Quran, Mohammed, Allah, Flagellation, Similarities with Roman Catholic Religion 


Islam Pt 2 of 2..Islamic Secret Societies, Ishmael, Hitler Connection, Terrorists, Islam Exposed 


*Israel's divorce..Get..Calvary


Israel/Israelite the word..What does it mean?


"It is finished" afikomen (John 19:30)


"It's the thought that counts" lie


Jacob's ladder (Yeshua)..Gen. 28:10-12,18,22, 29:1-3


James 1:22-25 Torah in the mirror


James 2:8 The royal


James 2:17 Faith without works is dead


James 4:7 Submit to Yah and the devil will flee


James 4:12 Only one law giver


James 5:16 Confess your sins to one another


Jerry's Personal Testimony


Jer. 10:1-4 Christmas trees, (erect penis), and balls (testicles) of the sun gods


Jer. 14:11 Do not even pray for these people


*Jer. 16:14-18 I am sending fisherman and Hunters (Matt. 4:18-19)


Jer. 19:10-13 You are to break the jar


Jer. 31-31-34 Renewed covenant..see "Law, Four types of law"


Jesus..The Real Messiah's real name is Yeshua..See His name


Jesuits..Black pope (See Black Pope)


*Jesuit oaths..Masons..Illuminati...KOC...KKK..See Secret Societies..Pt 1-3


*Jesuits..Opus Dei..Bohemian..See Secret Societies Pt 1-3.


*Jewelry..Pride..Vanity..Earrings..Tattoo's..Beards..Lev. 19:27..Identification Pt. 1 of 2


*Jewelry..Pride..Vanity..Earrings..Tattoo's..Beards..Lev. 19:27..Identification Pt. 2 of 2

Jewish Wedding traditions.. Prophesy..Thematic Love story of Exodus..Shiddukhin..Ketubah..The ring..Finger..Pt. 1 0f  4


Jewish Wedding traditions..Prophesy..Thematic connections..The price..Last Supper connection..Woman and her 10 coins Engagement..Wedding chamber..Threshold..Levirate marriage..Pt. 2 of 4


Jewish Wedding traditions..Prophesy..Thematic connections..Parable of 10 virgins eschatology connection..Echad/Unity..Shema..Covenant broken..Pt. 3 of 4


Jewish Wedding traditions..Prophesy..Thematic connections..Get (Divorce papers)..Connection with Feasts..Kiddush cup..Ketubah.. Summary..Pt. 4 of 4


Jews and Christians (How they see each other)


Jewish divorce papers..See "Get"


*Jezebel spirits..Sexual perverse..Homosexuals..Lesbians..Queers


*Jgs. 1:6-7..Thumbs & Toes cut off of Kings


Jgs. 7:6..Those who lapped water


Jgs. 11:30-35 Jephthah's daughters death


Joel 2:15-17 Proclaim a solemn assembly (Feast)


Joel 2:23 Former and latter rains


Joel 2:27-29 Son's and daughters will dream dream and prophesy


John 1:1-2 The Word (Yeshua) was with Yah and the Word was Yah


John 1:14 Yeshua the Word..firstborn made flesh


John 1:45 Yeshua of Nazareth


John 2:6-10 Water to wine


John 5:46-47, 14:6..The torah (chet) is the fence


*John 5:1-9 The pool at Bethesda


John 6:22-26 Receivers, not givers


*John 7:37-38 The water libation ceremony


*John 8:1-8 The writing in the sand


*John 8:12 Illumination of the Temple ceremony


John 10:27-29 No man can snatch them away from the Father's hand


*John 13:1-20 Foot washing..Last Supper


John 14:12 Greater works than these


John 14:15 Love, what is love really?


John 15:1 I am the true vine


John 15:16 The predestination error


John 17:12 Judas was the "Son of Perdition"


John 18:10 Peter cut off his right ear


John 19:30 "It is finished"


*John 20:22..Yeshua breathed on His disciples and they were spirit filled


*John 21:6-11...153 fish thematic connection


John 21:15-18 "Do you love Me" asked three times


Jonah 2:10 Fish god Dagon of Nineveh


Jonah 3:3-4 Nineveh the largest city in the world


Josh. 3:14-17 Jordan River, a symbol of death


Josh 4:5 Mark the place Israel crossed over


Josh. 5:14-15 Michael the captain of the Hosts


Joseph, a type of Yeshua


Josh. 10:12-14 The missing time (2Kgs. 20:9-11, Isa. 38:8)


Jots and Tittles


Jubilee Year..Rosh Hodesh..Biblical calendar


Judaism..The 13 Principles


Judas hung himself..Acts 1:18-20


Jude 9 Michael disputing over the bones


Judgement, what's wrong with it?


*Judgement..Do not judge.. Matt. 7:1-6




*Kaballah..Kabala..Cabala..Cabbalah (Witchcraft/Mysticism)

*Keys to the Kingdom Matt. 16:16-19


Kid in its mothers milk (Exod. 34:26b)


Killing the umpire


Kingdom of Yahveh


*Kings, Government, Leaders..Politicians


King James Bible (KJV) errors


*KJV (NKJV) Counterfeit bible


Kinsmen Deut. 17:14-16..Lev. 25:39-43, 25:23-28, Jer. 32:6-10, Ruth 4,


Kipa/Kippah..Skull cap


Kosher fish


Knights of Columbus secret society of the Roman Catholic Church (See also Secret Societies Pt 1-3)

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