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Yesu azali awa
Selah (CD#031)

Africa is coming alive

       After being in the Messianic movement for about 21 years now I can honestly say that I feel the doors of the Hebraic Roots movement are almost closed in both America and Canada. I  am not familiar enough with what is going on in Europe to comment on it, but from what I understand the Muslims are taking over completely. 

Most of those proclaiming to love the Holy One of Israel (commonly called Christians) do not want to hear the Truth of Yah's sacred scripture. They have decided to follow religion rather than Yahveh. Religion is far more profitable than scripture for the pastors in control of these businesses. It is terribly sad but it is reality.

       I will say however that I believe that Africa is where the real God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be making His next big move. I see Africa coming alive and millions of her people opening their eyes and ears to the Living Word. Please keep this Nation in your prayers as this giant awakes to The Mighty One Of Israel. Please pray for the brave men and women in Africa leading these people into the Truth. May these individual servants of the Most High soon hear the Words of our Father: 

"Well done my good and faithful servant".

        May the people coming alive in Africa cause people in other countries to wake up to the Creator of the Universe.

       As of March 17/2012 DASYD Ministry Canada has friends in a fellowship in Monrovia, Liberia, Africa.  In the capital city of Liberia Yah has an “Assembly Of The People” gathering together as “People Of The Way”, Yeshua being the Way. This fellowship is lead by Mark J. and has about 20-25 brothers and sisters at the present time. 

                                                                                     Emmanuel, Marcus and Mark

DASYD Ministry has been involved with support for some of these brothers and sisters for years now.

       These brothers and sisters are living in conditions that most born again people of the western nations can’t even begin to fathom. These individuals have witnessed civil wars in Liberia and the Ivory Coast that has devastated entire families. The ones who managed to survive the civil wars in the Ivory Coast and Liberia were sent to the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana where they managed to survive. They have been and are still in some cases, total outcasts in other lands and even in their own land, because of the civil wars. Many have managed to return to Liberia only to find all their family, friends and relatives either dead or simply unaccounted for. These like minded saints are starting over in a country that has been devastated in every way, trying to survive as a Torah Community. Yah has gathered them together as His children in the midst of all the turmoil and has lead them to the truth of His Living Word. I will personally verify that these people are true children of Yahveh and Yeshua and that they need the help of the Torah Community. 

                                                             Mark and Quita Jallah under the huppah, Monrovia, Liberia Apr 11/14

Please consider helping these brothers and sisters in any way possible. Please lift them up in prayer that Yah will provide them with whatever it takes to survive in a situation of poverty that is very very real. If you would like to help these individuals (Dad’s children of the way), please feel free to contact me direct or simply make a contribution on this web site (yahswatchman.webs.com). I can assure you that all money donated will go directly to them. If you would like to know more about these individuals please feel free to contact me in this regard. I would be happy to share what I know about their lives with anyone willing to ask. 



                                                                               Karani has 13 orphans in Kenya

DASYD ministry has an affiliate ministry located in the Ogembo, Kenya area. This ministry is headed by a man named Karani Ondieki.

Isa.6:8-9 Then I heard the voice of Adonai saying, “Whom should I send? Who will go for us?”  I answered, “I’m here, send me!”  9 He said, “Go and tell this people: 

Heavens Way Church in Kenya.


Karanis Jogema Fellowship in Ogembo Kenya with the orphans

Bare basics of the "House Of Prayer" in Ogembo Kenya. Yah is here, Hallelu-Yah!! 




I would like to share the word that Yah gave me in regards to the question I have been asking Him for some time now. The question on my mind and the one I have been lifting up to Dad is this; Why does there have to be poor people among the brothers and sisters of the family of the Kingdom of Yah here on earth? Why do so many who truly love Him with all their heart have to suffer so much? The answer I found very profound and very simple. The kind of thing that is so simple, I’m embarrassed I never picked up on it before.


Shabbat Fellowship




“You have poor people among you so that all My born again children can show their love for Me by supporting them"


"When you support them, you support your spiritual family in the Kingdom of Yah. Supporting each other and living in "echad' (unity) is what the Torah Community is all about”.

Roman Catholics who have REPENTED, being 

baptized in the name of Yeshua in Kenya. What a 

beautiful site to see. 

Rev. 17:5 and on her forehead a name [was] 

written, a mystery,  “BABYLON THE GREAT, THE 



Rev. 18:4 I heard another voice from heaven, 

saying,  “Come out of her, my people, so that you

will not participate in her sins and receive of her 


                                                                                     Place for fellowship in Kenya.

Testimony from Africa

The following is a testimony from Karani in Kenya.

Karani from Ogembo, Kenya

           The following is a testimony from Brother Karani in Ogembo, Kenya. He recently participated in a curse removal renunciation process. The following is his testimony about what happened.


Shalom Jerry,

       Let   our Yah to be lifted up always! Immediately I got the form, I lifted it up and I spoke the words loudly to Yah in private, I asked Him to remove all the curses without forgetting to find my true messianic's brethren are, I was reading my bible from Romans 12:1-14 and Psalms 34:8-22, then I saw a group of people coming to the fellowship, again I lifted Yah up, reading the form out loudly. I put the olive oil in a small bottle and I prayed over it asking Yah to represent the oil with Ruach Hakodesh, I anointed myself together with my fellow messianic's on the forehead and I prayed for them. I asked Yah to use me as a vessel of His Ruach Hakodesh with my brothers and sisters.

Yah of grace and mercy! I saw my fellow messianic shaking, shaking, shaking, others were unable to speak, seeming they had heavy tongues, other was lying on the ground, and others were jumping up and down, Oh! Yah of mercy, then I said loudly by commanding, go away! Go away!! Go away!!!!!! You demons in Yeshua’s name please Dad; send your warriors angels to remove them in Yeshua’s name! Hallelu-yah, “praise Yah” others were coughing, vomiting, yawning as if something was coming out. ‘’Truly Yah was there’’. While their eyes were turning red and tearing up, only the blood of Yeshua to manifest us, the blood of Yeshua to cover us always, our ground (fellowship) be holy always. The house of Yah!

Oh Yah! Cut off all communications with Satan, his principalities, powers and his demons to the four corners of the ground you are, oh the warriors angels abid up and deal with any angels that may try to interfere, Yah His warriors angels make my fellow messianic's, their mouths and eyes to regain normal, remove demons from them in Yeshua’s name, our Dad! Let your warriors angels Yahveh not stop until these demons dismisses, I took a tea spoon of oil to swallow to few that were so serious, in this time I was praying silently, yahveh be with us, Yeshua  is our really messiah! Hallelu-yah, hallelu-yah, hallelu-yah, praise our Yah! Praise our Yah!! Praise our Yah!!!!!!!! There was joyful in the fellowship, my brothers and sisters were singing the song of Moses and flocks, hallelu-yah, hallelu-yah, hallelu-yah, again praise our yah! Glory to be with us always. Amen.

Brother the powers we experienced, we will not forget in Yeshua’s name, I have scanned a letter that I received from the head of the society, who was one of the messianic, during the time I was reading out the form loudly in Yahveh’s name, you can read it also, meanwhile yah is really a live. Nothing will remove us from His word and blood, be blessed abundantly and let our channel not stopped until we reach their. Glory to our glorious Yah!!!!!!.

 Have nice moments Brother Jerry.

 Shalom Karani 


We have a great servant of Yahveh in Malikipuram India. His name is Chandra Sekhar. His web-site is Yeshuahamashiach.org.in 

Chandra comes from an SDA background, but they threw him out when he learned the truth. He was born into a communist family in 1975. He learned about Yeshua in about 2000. His two brothers also believe in Yeshua. He got married at 28 and has two children. Please support his ministry in India directly through his website or through DASYD.

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